About Us

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Tshepo Mohlolo

(Team Leader)

- is a leader of a Group and has a vast experience in customer service and management skills over the years. He has been in business since 2007 as a young ambitious young man and has led Othaniel Group since its inception.

About Othaniel Group

Othaniel Group is a company that is legally registered since 2008 as Othaniel Consulting and projects and has been dominating different fields of industries in the South African economy, mainly construction, and automotives. Othaniel group is 100% black owned and as been led by very enthusiatic young people as a team over the years throughout its successes and achievements.

Our Vision

  • To grow bigger and bigger into a greater heights and get more deals across the business world.
  • To be the most recognized organization through our efforts.
  • To reach every customer’s needs and expectations in a way that it amazes them.

Core Values

  • Customer awareness and involvement.
  • Drive for professionalism and promote enlightenment on basic humility values.
  • Pro-activeness, Excellence and Modernization
  • Reliability, honesty.
  • Creating a Multiracial Productive, Efficient and spectacular environment.
  • Adhering, Maintaining and Improving fundamental life skills.

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